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When it comes to the safari experience, Tanzania’s stunning range of wildlife and its many beautiful national parks and conservation areas make it the best place in Africa to go on safari. Whether you choose to do your safari from the back of a truck or want to try something more adventurous such as guided hiking or even canoeing, there is a wealth of options to satisfy.

National Parks of Tanzania, such as Manyara Lake, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and the world famous Serengeti offer visitors the opportunity to see the fabled big five as well as countless other animals, birds, and insects the likes of which you cannot see elsewhere in the world.

Travelling to Tanzania Tips

  1. Best Time To Visit: All parks and reserves are accessible throughout the year. However, there are more convenient times for the finest experience.
  2. How To Get There:Transport To and From Tanzania: The country is both accessible by air and land.
  3. Know The Main Safari Activities:There are various things to do while in the African bushes. These include
  4. Get A Visa: It is highly recommended for all travelers to have a visa before entering the country.

Safari Recommended Packing List

  1. Get The Right Clothing: Dressing for a safari usually requires casual and lightweight outfit to keep you warm and dry.
    Include Your Medical Facilities: While your health safety is guaranteed by the travel’s company, there is no harm in preparing yourself.
  2. Have A Supply Of Cash: It’s important to have extra cash with you. As you will be travelling to the bush, you need to remember that credit cards won’t be used.
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